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Understanding Fascia Gutters

June 1, 2024 | by empiregutters

Modern buildings today wish to get more innovative in getting a structure that is attractive as well as functional. With this thought in mind, many households today install fascia gutters to serve both the purposes of great aesthetics and functionality together. According to this new design, the gutter experts will install the gutter system directly into the fascia on house. If you are not in favor of a wider view of the house, this new design will work great to offer a sleek design.

The Fascia gutter in Vancouver has become quite popular because it is larger in size. In these locations, most people construct big houses with larger roof areas. Often the traditional gutter systems in such roof areas were not capable of holding the draining water and this caused several damages to the foundation. The recent day fascia gutters are a great solution for such big houses to maintain proper rainwater drainage.

Are you about to build a new house or are about to extend your house size recently? Before you start the construction work, you must research well and understand all the parameters first. If you are extending the size of your house roof to elevate the aesthetic, you must choose the option of a fascia gutter to complement the structure well. The fascia gutter will meld well with the new structure and will also help in proper drainage.

Understanding Fascia and Soffit

Do you notice a side panel on the exterior of the house at the rooftop? This is the fascia board that runs parallel to the building’s roof. The fascia or the Frieze board is helpful in covering up the exposed rafters on the exterior of the building. Also, it secures the gutter system so that the system remains in good health and works well.

Apart from the fascia, the soffit is another element that you must know about when you are constructing or renovating your house. Now, when there is a fascia board on the roof, there has to be something that supports this board properly. It is the soffit just underneath the fascia board that supports it.

Now, you must be thinking that the soffit may block the ventilation of the building’s attic. The soffit is constructed in such a way that the ventilation remains untouched. The ventilation of the attic is extremely necessary to help moisture and heat escape from within the house.

Now, that you have knowledge about what fascia and soffits are, you may have a clear picture now of what fascia gutters are. The gutter runs in parallel to the soffit, just underneath the fascia board.

Fascia Gutter Materials

Fascia boards have a crucial role to play in your house’s gutter system. So, you must make sure that you get a board that is durable and worth the investment that you are making. There are so many materials that can be used in the construction of fascia boards. So, how do you know which one to choose? Here is a guide to choosing the right material for your home’s fascia gutter.


If you are looking for a durable and strong material for your fascia board and gutter, you can always go for aluminum. The aluminum material is highly weather-resistant so you do not have to invest much in its maintenance also. However, one downside that many homeowners find is that aluminum is more expensive than any other materials used for the fascia gutter.


Just in contrast to aluminum in terms of price, wood is the cheapest material on this list. The cheap price of wood is one of the prime reasons why most homeowners consider this material for the construction of their house’s fascia gutter. Wood is opposite to aluminum also in case of maintenance. As wood can absorb moisture, it requires high maintenance every now and then. Most commonly, you have to go for a replacement of the fascia gutter in Vancouver.

Composite Material

Polymers and recycled wood are combined together to come up with the composite material. The composite material is more durable than traditional wood because it decomposes slower than traditional wood. However, homeowners often face difficulty while repairing fascia boards made up of composite material.


If great aesthetics is on your mind, vinyl is the best option for your fascia gutter. Vinyl is available in a plethora of shades to complement the roof of your house. It has become one of the most common options because it is cheap in price and also is easy to install. However, one major downside that you must not skip is that vinyl gutter gets impacted heavily by heavy storms.

While the board and the soffit can be made of the above materials, the gutter drip edge comprises of materials like copper, galvanized steel, or even aluminum. It is quite obvious that with so many options available, you may get confused about which material to use for your fascia gutter. One of the best options is to get in touch with an expert who will analyze your house, surroundings, and climatic conditions to suggest the best options.

Fascia Gutter Benefits

So, why are modern homeowners investing in getting a fascia gutter in place of a traditional gutter system? There are so many benefits that you can come across when you plan to install a fascia gutter instead of the usual one.

Great Aesthetics

One of the prime reasons to install a fascia gutter is to enhance the aesthetics of the house. You will notice that the fascia gutter systems are more appealing than the traditional gutter types. The sleek texture of the fascia gutters complements your house’s roof very well offering a much cleaner layout. If you want to get an attractive exterior of your house, a fascia gutter is one of the best options that you can have.

Securing the Gutter System

Fascia gutters are helpful because they keep your gutter system secure in case of wind and storm. Usually, during the storm, dry leaves and other debris from the nearby areas fly and have a tendency to fall into the gutter, clogging it. When the system is attached to the fascia board through gutter hangers, the board protects the gutter from such debris, ultimately avoiding clogs. If you reside in a location that is exposed to high thunderstorms or high-velocity wind, the fascia gutters can offer you peace of mind.

Protection of the House Exterior

Have you noticed how rainwater at times damages the exterior of your house, especially the roof? The damages can even happen when the exterior is exposed to harsh sunrays, If you do not wish to encounter such damage, one of the best ways is to invest in a fascia gutter in Vancouver. The fascia board as well as the facia soffit will provide the required protection to the house exterior, especially the roof, avoiding dampening and other damages.

Fascia Gutter Disadvantages

While fascia gutters extend a lot of benefits to homeowners, you must also keep in mind certain disadvantages of them.

Cleaning Difficulties

Fascia gutters are also difficult to clean, similar to any other gutter styles. The gutter system has a heavy depth that fills with leaves and other debris at times, even when the fascia board offers shelter. It may even happen that certain insects collect debris in the gutter. Such dirt can be difficult to clean. You may have to get in touch with the cleaning experts to clean the gutter. Also, when you call upon the experts, they might suggest certain techniques such as gutter foams to avoid such situations.

The Installation Process

The installation process of the fascia gutter is also difficult because of several accessories such as the fascia board, the soffit, the rain gutter hanger, and many more. If you try to install the system all by yourself, you may end up installing it in the wrong way which may lead to unwanted results. So, you must call upon an expert to get the installation done.

The Maintenance

Similar to installation, maintenance of the fascia gutter is also not easy because of the existence of so many parts. Also, if you do not care for the gutter system properly, it can show signs of water damage. The fascia board or the soffit may start rotting causing damage to your house also. Repairing the damages can get quite expensive at times. So, you must make sure to get inspection and maintenance work done on a regular basis to avoid such damages.

Do You Really Need a Fascia Gutter?

Now when you have come across all the benefits and disadvantages of gutter fascia, it must have become easier for you to understand whether you require it for your house or not.

Fascia gutter in Vancouver has become the most preferred system today for most homeowners in this area. While the traditional gutter systems were enough to offer protection to your house from water damage, they often did not align with your house’s aesthetics. Homeowners easily combat this issue with the new fascia gutters.

If you are confused about whether you should install a fascia gutter for your home or not, the easiest way is to call an expert to get a consultation. The experts will come across to check through various factors and will offer you the right guidance for the installation.

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