Wood Repair
& Fascia Board Replacements

Get Long-Term Gutter Efficiency With Fascia Board Replacements

If you prepare for a new gutter installation on your own, there are plenty of considerations you may not account for. Gutters are typically attached to a fascia strip, a long, exposed material that stretches to the end of your home’s roof rafters. In fact, we’ve noticed many of our clients and other homeowners like you miss wood and fascia board replacements before a new installation.

Inspect your fascia boards regularly

With excessive moisture exposure from snow, rain, ice, and leaks, water breaks down the protective trim. Once that foundation starts to rot and deteriorate, you could damage any new gutter installation with an untimely break and fall.

We recommend continually checking for rotted wood and fascia. As soon as you notice a problem, give us a call. Not only do we check for rotting, molding, and damaged boards, but we’ll replace rotted fascias with guaranteed materials that same day.

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