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Top 5 Causes of Leaking Gutters and Ways to Fix

March 30, 2024 | by empiregutters

Gutters play an essential role in the channeling of rainwater. They channel rainwater away from the roof and allow proper drainage of it. By applying gutters to the home, one can avoid multiple water-related issues like mold growth, damage to the structure, interior water leakages, etc., which otherwise would have caused significant structural challenges and financial pressure in the long run.

One major challenge arises when these protectors themselves get damaged for multiple reasons. Before you google gutter leak repair near me, you must have some basic knowledge about them. In this article, we will be exploring the top 5 causes that can create leakages in your gutters and how to fix them. In the end, we will also understand how to get good gutter repair services in Vancouver.

Environment Impacts Your Gutter

The environmental conditions majorly determine what kind of damage your gutter will face. If a place has heavy rainfall, you are more likely to face gutter issues. Therefore, it is important to consider the environment before inspecting the gutter issues. Further, you can look for gutter repair services in Vancouver.

Gutter Clogging

Gutter clogging is one of the most common and frequent types of gutter issues that can cause leaking gutter corners. It is very common in places where rainfall is heavy and the place is full of trees and bird nests. You might even need gutter repair services in Vancouver.


When gutters are exposed to areas with a lot of foliage and heavy rainfall, this issue occurs. When leaves, twigs, and branches from nearby trees fall or dirt, debris, and other materials accumulate in the gutters, clogging occurs. This prevents the smooth flow of rainwater and even causes water accumulation at a certain spot.


Due to clogging, the rainwater can overflow, which ultimately causes structural damages like seeping water in the roof, leakages, and water damage.

The foundation of the home can also get compromised due to the uncontrolled waterflow, which leads to more serious issues in the future.

Due to the standing water of the clog, mosquitoes, flies, and even birds find a spot to breed or make nests.

Due to such reasons, you might need to look for gutter repair services in Vancouver.


● The most effective way to prevent clogged gutters is by cleaning them regularly, at least twice a year or according to the climatic conditions.
● Install gutter guards to prevent big debris like leaves and twigs from falling into the main gutter system.
● Keep the nearby trees and plants trimmed so that less foliage can occur, which reduces the chances of blockage.
● Consider hiring a professional for maintenance and gutter repairs. They can inspect the situation better and help you understand what is best for your gutters.

Damaged Gutters

Since when were your gutters installed at your place? Was it long ago? If yes, then you might want to check for their damages. It has been observed that damaged gutters occur when gutters are left for a long period of time unnoticed. You might even need gutter repair services in Vancouver.


When gutters become old, various damaging factors start coming into play. These factors may include rust, wear and tear, physical damage due to small animals that may be present at the gutter top (e.g., birds hitting their beaks), or extreme weather conditions. Over time, these factors eventually develop cracks and holes in gutters, which create leaks.


Due to these cracks, rainwater, which was supposed to get channeled, drips through the crack and therefore destroys the purpose of the gutter system.

It makes the nearby surroundings wet and muddy, which makes the surroundings look messy. Moreover, it even damages the base of the home, which causes structural issues. These alarms encourage you to look for solutions and reach out to gutter repair services in Vancouver.


These issues are easy to occur and hard to remove. 

● Consider regular checkups of your gutters. Make sure there is no standing water or other damaging factors present.
● Identify and rectify any damage that is in its initial phase. Minor rust can be removed by grinding and applying fresh paint. Clear all the bird nests and other places that can attract pests.
● If the issue is at a significant level, consider replacing your gutters. Make sure the replacement is done by gutter repair specialists. We have explained at the end how you can get gutter repair services in Vancouver.
● After replacement, make sure you follow all the necessary precautions for the new gutter.

Improper Pitch

If you notice leaking gutter corners, then improper pitch might be a reason. Improper pitch in a gutter system occurs when the gutters are not maintained at the correct angle. It leads to ineffective water drainage. This trouble can cause water pooling, overflow, and ultimately leaks. Understanding the causes and solutions for the wrong pitch is essential for making sure the gutter systems work properly and the water damage can be stopped. Further, gutter repair services in Vancouver will also come in handy.


When installing gutters, if their slopes are not set up correctly, water may not flow down as it is supposed to. This can happen due to inaccurate measurements or alignment during installation.

Obstructions such as leaves, dirt, and other forms of debris may cause extra weight and sagging, which also brings up the issue of improper pitch.


The water may gather in some particular spots instead of flowing to the drains if gutters are improperly pitched. In this way, water collection can result in gutter damage and leaks. You might even require gutter repair services in Vancouver.

Due to the incorrect pitch, gutters cannot hold the desired amount of water during heavy rainfalls. When the water in the rain gutters is too much, it can spill over, thus damaging the walls of the house.

  • Ensure that the slope and alignment of the gutters are correct with the help of a leveling device. 
  • Drains that are severely misaligned or damaged should be repaired or replaced. The gutters should be fixed either by straightening them or by replacing them if needed to restore the right pitch. The water will drain away properly again.
  • Install the downspout extensions to drain the water far away from the house foundation. This will help avoid water accumulation around the foundation and reduce the risk of damage to the foundation.
  • Frequently carry out the maintenance by clearing gutters and removing debris to rid of sagging. Also, maintain the right pitch in the gutters. Conduct gutter repairs with a professional.

We can help you learn more about gutter repair services in Vancouver.

Loose joints and seams

If you see a leaky corner gutter repair, then this might be a crucial time. The loosely fitted joints and gutter seams can also be the cause of the leak since the water doesn’t follow the proper drainage route and instead gets out of the channel.


With constant wear and tear, the materials of the joints and seams get fabricated and can undergo degradation. This leads to the loss of joints and seams.

The temperature and weather instability lead to the expansion and contraction of the gutter materials, which also cause loosening and eventual leaks.

The use of low-quality materials in gutter installation and improper installation can also cause joints to loosen. Therefore, it is always advised to look for gutter repair services in Vancouver.


Water escaping from loose joints and seams is the main reason for the leaks. Water may seep at the joints and through door or window openings. This leads to water damage to the external walls, fascia, and soffit of the house.

When water leaks through joints, it becomes a region of decay and the growth of molds. Therefore, leaky corner gutter repair becomes important.

  • Examine the joint and seam of the gutter system and tighten all the loose screws. 
  • Use gutter sealant along joints and seams to seal any faulty areas. Tight water sealing keeps water from leaking.
  • The joints and seams that are damaged significantly should be repaired or replaced. 
  • Perform regular gutters repair, inspections, and maintenance of the gutter system. Conducting repairs through gutter repair services in Vancouver helps as well. Regularly clean gutters. It will help keep debris away and relieve the stress on joints and seams.

Ice Dams

Ice dams are one of the main reasons for gutter system damage in colder regions. These ice dams may involve water leaking out and water damage if not inspected and resolved immediately.


The ice dams are formed due to the ice buildup. Further, temperature variations cause snow to melt, which then refreezes and forms layers of ice along the edge of the roof. It is advised to get yourself gutter repair services in Vancouver.

If gutters are blocked with debris during the winter season, water from the melting snow will not drain properly from the roof. This water trapped in ice will melt upward to the eaves on the roofs and cause ice dams.


The ice dams can be extremely heavy, leading to sagging or the loss of gutters from the fascia board. The melted ice water drips down and damages the gutters.

Ice dams act as barriers that prevent melted snow from seeping off the roof. This water can get under the shingles and inside the roof decking, causing leaks and water damage to your home. Professional gutter repair services in Vancouver should be contacted if you want to have effective results.

  • Snow should be removed from the ridge of the roof down towards the eaves using a roof rake. 
  • Ensure that the gutters are always clean for proper drainage. Installing gutter guards can help to avoid clogging and stop the formation of ice dams.
  • Applying thermal wires along the eaves will discharge and drain the water away from the roof. 
  • A professional inspection of the roof and gutter systems helps identify the problem areas and apply the necessary gutters repair before the onset of winter.

With the above discussion of the topics, there is a clear idea of what the five main causes are for the leakage of gutters. No matter what issue arises, nothing can beat the gutter repair specialists. We strongly encourage you to Google for gutter leak repair near me, look for a gutter specialist, and get your problems rectified as soon as possible. If you are searching for gutter repair services in Vancouver, you must give Gutter Empire a try.

We have come to the end of our article here. If you liked this article and need articles similar to gutter repair services in Vancouver, make sure to check out our other blogs.