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How Black Gutters Can Enhance Your Brick House?

December 6, 2023 | by empiregutters

Though brick houses are a thing of the past, they still exist in many places like Vancouver. These brick houses also have gutters on the roof to collect rainwater and channel them to the drain. The absence of gutters can lead to debris accumulation, causing water leakage and damage. Brick house roof gutters are static and narrow. If you plan to get an attractive gutter system for your brick house, you can consider black gutters in Vancouver.

Black gutters are a great idea as they contrast well with brick houses. Also, a black brick house is perfect for adding sophistication to the house’s exterior.

Brick House Gutters

Bricks add warmth and a unique character to a house. While protecting your brick house with the help of a gutter system, you can beautify your house even more with the correct gutter. You may come across many brick houses with black gutters, giving out beautiful exterior goals.

Gutters are an essential element in any house roof. Often leaves and other debris fall and accumulate on the roof, blocking the way for rainwater. The debris causes issues such as water spillage and roof damage. A proper gutter system on the roof carries the rainwater to the ground, avoiding such mishaps. While getting a gutter is essential, getting the right gutter design enhances the house’s aesthetics.

When you look for an appealing design, getting black gutters on the house is one of the best things to do. The black color offers a bold look, contrasting with the natural shade of the walls and the bricks.

Also, when you are not sure which color will look good for your house, black is a safer option. The color black looks perfect with almost all the colors and all the brick styles. So, when you do not wish to compromise with the functions and looks of your brick house, you should opt for black gutters in Vancouver.

How do you get the Right Black Gutter Type?

A gutter system is an essential feature to have while finishing the look of your house. Apart from deciding upon the right gutter system, you must also get the right color for the gutter system. However, opting for a new shade for the gutter may not be a great idea as there will be a risk of not matching well with the house’s exterior. A black brick house is something that you can always trust. The black color matches well with the sides and other exterior features to offer a symmetric look.

In Vancouver, weather conditions are unpredictable, and you can notice heavy rain showers at any time. Heavy rain or even a sunny day can cause stains and dirt to accumulate on a light- colored gutter body. Hence, one of the best ideas is to pick the color black that will stay for long.

Gutters usually come in off-white shades. But keeping them in their basic build may cost you higher maintenance. If you do not wish to come up with this challenge, coloring the gutter body is the right option. Black gutters and downspouts offer low maintenance and also look perfect on your brick house.

Benefits of having a Black Gutter

How do you know whether a particular feature is perfect for your house? One of the best ways is to know the brownie points that the feature adds to your house’s resale value. Here are some benefits that a black gutter can offer to the resale value of your brick house.

Excellent Aesthetics:

The first thing that attracts anyone is the aesthetic of any house. This is what a black gutter does for your brick house. The bold black color contrasts pretty well with the wall color and the house’s bricks. Usually, the black gutters in Vancouver are sleek in design and offer an architectural dimension. Overall, a black color will add a sense of sophistication and drama to the house’s exteriors. It will offer a Princeton look, adding to the house’s resale value.

Home Exterior Protection:

A new gutter system will always protect the house much more efficiently than an older one. A basic gutter system with the usual off-white color will have issues of stains that will show off its age. So, even with a high-quality gutter, the stains will make it look poor.

The black color protects the gutter body from stains and also does not look old so soon. The maintenance of the gutter is lower with black paint on the body. Also, when the black color gives the vibe of a new gutter, it impresses the buyers and viewers. It offers a sense of security to those interested in buying the house.

A Positive Impression:

Any buyer would love to see how the owners have paid attention to the house. When the buyers notice that you have taken care of the smallest things such as a new gutter system for the house, then it impresses them. The chances of selling off your brick house fast are higher in this case.

Gutter systems are available in diverse materials and designs today to suit your house and necessity. But you should also take care of the maintenance to nurture the house’s overall look. A black-colored gutter system will never fail in terms of the house’s aesthetics and low maintenance factor.

How to Choose Paint for Black Gutters?

When you have decided to get black gutters in Vancouver, you should choose quality products for the purpose.

Latex Paint:

There are several paints available to color your house gutter system. But you require the best one to have a long-lasting result. Also, the paint should make the gutter body look new and glossy. Good quality paint also protects the gutter body from scratches and severe weather conditions. Using latex paint is the best option to get high-quality results in such a case. For long-lasting results, use a primer before applying the paint coat.


You also should use a high-quality primer under quality paint to get the best results. Many people consider using a latex primer for latex paint. But latex primer has ammonia that causes bubbles while you paint the gutter body. The bubbles will make the entire painted gutter body look ugly, and such paint may not stay for long. So, choose the primer carefully to get the best results.

One of the options is to choose a clear acrylic bonding primer for a smoother finish. Also, this primer will let the paint stay for a longer time. As the primer is clear in texture, it will not impact the paint shade you will use.

The Painting Job:

Planning the painting job is crucial before implementing it to do it in the right way. The first step is to clean the gutter properly and check the body parts carefully. It is the time when you should check for any damages and rectify them. Once cleaning and repairing are complete, the next step is to apply primer on the gutter surface. A clear acrylic bonding primer application helps in getting a smooth paint.

Let the primer dry off completely before you apply the latex paint on the gutter body. It is always better to apply a minimum of two coats for a long-lasting impact. Let the first coat dry, and then apply the second coat. You can even apply more coats according to your requirements.

Expert Help:

The entire painting job is rigorous and time-consuming. Also, if you don’t do the job correctly, it can cause issues later on, such as paint coming off from different places. Hence, if you are not sure whether you can do the job carefully or not, one of the best ways is to get expert help in the case.

Contact the experts about your black gutters in Vancouver requirements. The expert will arrive at your location to check out the gutter size and design and will offer you a quotation. After you approve the quotation, the experts will come at a decided date to professionally perform the task.

Black gutters on the house are a great option to ensure house security from seepage and damage. Also, black gutters are a great way to modify your house exterior and bring out the architectural beauty. While brick houses have a sophisticated beauty, black gutters enhance the sophistication to the next level.

In Vancouver, you will come across several gorgeous black brick house designs. Also, the maintenance level for such black gutters is reduced and offers peace of mind to the house owners.

Painting the gutters black or any other color may not be an easy task always. So, contacting an expert is one of the best possible things. Do some research to come across the best contractor who deals in offering black gutters in Vancouver. Gutter Empire has a dedicated team for the best options in black gutters, and other gutter-related solutions in Vancouver.

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