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Best Time of Year to Clean Gutters

January 4, 2024 | by empiregutters

A clean and clog-free gutter will always keep you free from the stress of property damage. However, a major question is how often to clean gutters. Some homeowners who consider DIY prefer to do the cleaning at regular intervals of 2-3 months. At the same time, those who are extremely busy may hire professionals once a year for cleaning purposes. So, which one is the right method or both of them are wrong?

A majority of cleaning experts suggest that gutter cleaning is crucial during some specific seasons like the fall and spring. Spring is the time when you enjoy the mild breeze and pleasant weather conditions. But also this is the time the wind carries leaves, twigs, and other debris to deposit them at a higher altitude like your house roof. So, cleaning such debris from the roof and gutter will ensure free water flow when the rains arrive after the spring season.

Similarly, just before winter, the fall season again is the time when the wind carries dry leaves and other debris to deposit on your house roof gutter. So, another best time to clean the gutter is fall so that the winter snow does not mix with the already existing debris to clog the gutter.

While these two seasons are the most common times for gutter cleaning, it is also essential to understand how much more often you should clean the roof gutter to stay away from issues of leakage, mold, and other damages.

How soon should you clean the roof gutters?

On average, according to cleaning experts, keeping the gutters clean during the spring and fall seasons is an ideal practice. But sometimes gutter cleaning just during these seasons of the year may not seem enough. If you want the gutters to work properly and smoothly always, one of the best ways is to clean them every 3 months.

Most appropriately, you should consider both ideas. You should make a schedule combining the ideas of cleaning the gutters every 3 months and during the spring and fall seasons. Also, making a schedule for gutter cleaning will depend on how often the gutters are getting dirty. So, you should consider these many factors to customize a schedule of when to clean gutters:

Weather Conditions

If you reside in an area that is more prone to high winds and storms, the gutters will get clogged more often. The high wind will bring in debris on your roof every time. While it may not be possible to clean the gutters after every wind or storm, you can schedule cleaning every 2-3 months or so to keep the gutters free from clogging.

Climatic Conditions

The climate of the region also helps you to schedule the cleaning schedule of the gutters. If your region is wet where you get rain showers and snow more often, you should take special care of the cleaning. Water and snow make the debris soggy leading to clogging of gutters quickly. But if the region’s climate is dry and hot, just brooming the debris now and then is enough and you do not have to do thorough cleaning every time.

Plantation around

Another essential factor that you should consider is the type of plantation and trees around your house. Some trees do not shed many leaves even during the fall season. On the other hand, some trees like the pine tree will shed a heavy heap of leaves with every storm. All these leaves will deposit on your roof and will clog the gutter’s drainage. Thus, you should have a look around once to determine the tree types to schedule your gutter cleaning. Of course, the experts in gutter installation can also suggest a cleaning schedule by having a look around your house.

Thus, understanding these factors will help you schedule your gutter cleaning to ensure a problem-free gutter throughout the year.

Why Gutter Cleaning is Beneficial?

Roof gutters are an essential part of your house. So, along with understanding how to install gutters, you should also know how to clean them in the right way and at the right time. Here are some of the essential benefits that you will enjoy in maintaining a clean gutter.

Free from Water Damage

Clogged gutters will lead to water accumulation in the gutters and the roof. When the water build-up remains for a long time, it causes mold on the walls and other damages. Also, with regular water build-up, the water will start overflowing, causing serious damage. So, you should prevent such water clogging with the right cleaning techniques and protect your house from several damages that may otherwise lead to higher repair costs.

Offering Protection to the Roof

House roofs are not meant for storing water on them. So, when water accumulates on the roof due to clogged gutter, it exerts excess pressure on the roof structure. When this pressure remains for a longer time on the roof, the roof starts wearing which leads to damages like cracks on the walls and others. So, keeping the roof free from such dangers is essential to maintain your family’s safety.

Enhancing the Aesthetics

Will debris popping out of the roof gutter look good for your house’s aesthetics? No, right? So, this is another major benefit of keeping the roof gutter clean. Many homeowners invest in black gutters to enhance the overall aesthetics. But here also, you should keep the gutters clean and free from stains to make it look good always. A good-looking house is great to show off and also great for those who wish to put their house on sale.

Health Safety

We just discussed how cleaning the gutters can save you from breaking down the roof. But there are also other ways how the gutter cleaning can secure your family and you. Often unclean gutters can lead to mold growth on the damp walls of the house. Mold causes a series of health issues such as contamination, infection, and severe bronchitis trouble. So, if you wish to keep your family members away from such health issues, it is essential to know how often to clean gutters.

How to Prevent Gutter Clogging?

Just cleaning the gutters is not always beneficial in preventing gutter clogging. Hence, while you are scheduling a gutter cleaning session, you should also adopt several other measures to keep your gutters clog-free.

Maintain Trees in your Yard

While you cannot do anything about all the trees around your house, you can take care of those that are in your yard. Trimming of the trees in your yards will lead to lesser shedding of leaves. Also, if trees are hanging over the roof, trimming will keep the pests away that will otherwise manifest the roof causing serious issues. Of course, trimming and maintaining the trees will also help boost the look of the overall surroundings of your house.

Cleaning according to the weather

Strong winds, heavy rainfall, or storms can cause drain clogging due to the accumulation of debris in the gutter. So, ideally, you should check and clean the gutter after every storm of rainfall to keep the gutter clog-free and ready for the next rain showers. While just brooming the leaves might help after a storm of wind, you may have to clean properly after rain to get rid of the soggy debris.

Gutter Guards

It may not be possible for every homeowner to clean the roof and gutters after every storm and rainfall. For such homeowners, gutter guards may work well. Gutter guards protect the gutters from leaves and debris and allow water to flow freely throughout them. Gutter guards are available in different materials and types. An installation expert can help you in selecting the right gutter guard for your house after inspecting several factors.

Regular Cleaning

Some experts say that gutter cleaning after every storm and rainfall is important. On the contrary, many other experts say that it is essential to clean the gutters during the spring and fall seasons. But also many professionals mention that you should regularly clean the gutters. The factors mentioned previously in this article like the weather conditions in your area and the plantations around your house determine how often to clean gutters of your house.

Roof Maintenance

Gutter clogging does not just happen because of leaves and twigs accumulation. When the house roof gets old, it starts shedding which causes debris to sit in the gutter. Such debris from the roof also is a major cause of gutter clogging. So, along with gutter maintenance, you should also conduct regular roof inspections and maintenance to avoid such problems.

Professional Help

At times, even after following the above routine, you might notice gutter clogging very often. When you are not sure what is the actual cause, it is time to get professional help. The professionals will check thoroughly to determine what is the problem and then will offer a solution.

How to get the best Gutter Service?

Many homeowners prefer to clean the gutters on their own to save money. But a professional cleaning service is aware of the techniques that can help in a deep cleaning of the gutters that lasts for a long time. Moreover, hiring a professional service for gutter cleaning can offer several benefits to homeowners.

Cleaning with Safety

So many accidents happen when homeowners try to clean the gutters by climbing on a ladder. Professionals come equipped with the correct gadgets and tools to avoid such accidents at work. Also, they use techniques that will offer safety from various other property damages during the cleaning session.

Deep Cleaning

Professionals arrive with different chemicals, tools, and ideas that help in cleaning even the toughest of stains and dirt in your gutter. Also, they will check through different factors to suggest different ideas on how to keep the gutters clean and ensure their maintenance for a longer time. When you have a professional service at home for gutter cleaning, you can rely on them that you have an extremely clean gutter at the end of the task.


During gutter cleaning, damage to certain properties is not a new thing. When professionals take on the charge, they take extra measures to avoid such damages. But another great thing is that they offer insurance on any damages that happen during the cleaning session. If you hire the best cleaning experts, they will pay you if they break or damage any property during the cleaning session.


Everyone is busy today in their professional or personal life. Gutter maintenance is a full-time task because you have to clean and maintain it at regular intervals. It is not always possible to clean the gutters at the right time. So, you may end up getting problems at the end of the day. Also, you do not have to that much time to invest in cleaning even when you are trying to achieve the task.

However, a professional gutter cleaning service provider specializes in the task. When you do not have time to invest in cleaning, you can ask the professionals to do that for you. The professionals will help you in cleaning the gutter in the best possible way and will also suggest several ideas to maintain the gutter properly.


When you ask the question about the best time to clean gutters, there is no specific answer to this. The answer depends upon several factors like the area you live in, the climatic condition your house is exposed to, and many more. If you are not able to determine the right cleaning schedule for your gutters, it is always a good idea to get in touch with a professional.Contact us!

A professional service provider is always a great idea not just to suggest how often to clean gutters but also to how to clean the gutters properly. Moreover, you should always prefer to hire professional help in gutter cleaning in place of trying to do it all by yourself. The professionals will not just clean the gutter properly but also will offer a next-scheduled date for the gutter cleaning.