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What Do I Need to Know About Gutter Guards?

July 21, 2022 | by admin

Vancouver, WA sure has a great climate in the summer, but when the fall arrives it brings a lot of rain. From October to May, there’s a 32% chance of precipitation on any given day. And when the rain starts to fall, you want to be sure that your gutters are working correctly.

Clogged gutters can quickly lead to fascia, roof, wall, and window damage. And as we get older, cleaning them out gets more and more treacherous. That’s why you need gutter guards for peace of mind and to reduce gutter maintenance.

Join us as we take a quick look at everything you need to know about gutter guards for your home.

What Are Gutter Guards?

A gutter guard forms a permeable barrier over your gutters. Simply put, rain and melting snow can get through and drain away. But leaves, twigs, and other junk can’t. 

They’re made of various materials including vinyl, steel, and PVC. Your gutter guard installation professional will be able to advise you which type is best for your home.

Valor Gutter Guards are the top-rated brand in the US. Some of their innovative solutions include:

  • Valor Moss-Away – the zinc insert prevents moss from growing over the gutter guard and blocking it
  • Valor Melt-Away – includes a heated element to prevent ice dams and keep gutters working year-round

Valor and Evelyn’s Leaf Solution gutter guards can also protect against:

  • Asphalt grit
  • Pollen
  • Pine needles

Range of Colors

Gutter guards aren’t just functional, they’re also attractive. They now come in a wide range of colors, including bronze, copper, almond, brown, and white. This makes it easier to find a color that matches your existing gutters, blending in with your current facade.

Benefits of Gutter Guards

When professionally fitted, gutter leaf guards reduce the amount of gutter maintenance you need to perform.

Rather than needing to be laboriously scooped out and cleaned, gutter guards can simply be brushed off. You can usually reduce your need for gutter cleaning from twice to once a year.

You also prevent water from spilling onto your roof. When water starts pooling in clogged gutters, it can quickly start to rot the fascia boards. You’ll soon have water entering your home and causing lots of other costly issues.

Clogged gutters are also pest magnets. They love the fact that the nesting material is already there, plus a water source. When you create a barrier, you stop rodents and birds from taking up residence.

When heavy rains or snowfall comes in the winter, gutter splash guards can help to channel the water in the right direction. 

Choose Gutter Empire for the Best Gutter Guards in Vancouver, WA

At Gutter Empire, we specialize in everything to do with gutter systems.

We stock and install a range of gutter guards to help you keep your gutters flowing uninterrupted throughout the year. When correctly installed they can last for years and prevent many expensive problems.

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