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10 Types of Rain Gutters and How to Choose One

July 1, 2024 | by empiregutters

A rain gutter hanger in Vancouver is a must, because of the rain and snowfall that the location experiences around the year. If you are naive with the term rain gutter, let us give you a little bit of information about it.

A rain gutter is usually a gutter system on the house roof to collect rainwater and allow it to safely fall on the ground. The gutter is connected with a pipe or downspout as the aim of the gutter is to drain the water safely on the ground, away from the foundation. In the absence of the whole system, the roof of the house will start collecting rainwater. When the water sits on the roof for a long time, it will start damaging the house’s interiors too. Similarly, when the water overflows, it will fall on the foundation, eroding the soil beneath the house. So, a gutter system is necessary to keep your house safe and free from any damage.

While earlier people used to get these gutters just to protect their houses, now the picture is different. Today, most homeowners wish to get a gutter that protects the house and also compliments the home’s exterior. In this regard, there are several options available to choose from.

You can choose from materials, designs, and even color options. So, when you are out there to choose a rain gutter in Vancouver for your home, you can browse through diverse possibilities. Now, if you are new to this category, let us help you understand the various rain gutters available.

1. Seamed Rain Gutters

The first type is the seamed gutter. It is the perfect example of a rain gutter hanger in Vancouver. These are usually sectional gutters that get attached to the roof with the help of hangers. You will find these gutters in a specific measurement of 10 feet. These gutters are available in different styles such as box style, K style, custom fascia style, and many more. Also, you will get them in different materials such as vinyl, galvanized steel, zinc, aluminum, copper, and so on.

One of the most common reasons for installing this gutter style is its repair and maintenance. As the gutter is installed in 10-foot sections, you can replace the damaged sections in place of replacing the whole gutter.

This gutter style is affordable because you can install it on your own. However, the cost and installation will also depend upon the material that you choose. For example, if you choose materials such as zinc, copper, or galvanized steel, you will need professional help.

2. Seamless Gutters

As the name suggests, seamless gutters do not have seams in them. They are available in one single piece. The only material in which the seamless gutters are available is in rolled aluminum. The professionals take measurements of your roof and then cut out the rolled aluminum sheet to customize the gutter accordingly. These gutters are much more expensive because you will require a professional to install them. However, most homeowners prefer to get this gutter because it looks minimal compared to the seamed gutters. Also, these gutters are more prone to leaks.

3. Half Round Gutters

These are more of a traditional gutter system that is half-round in shape and is connected at the end of the fascia. If you want to get a rain hanger in Vancouver for a house where you have used traditional architecture, this type is a wonderful option to go for. These gutters are constructed mostly out of materials like zinc and copper.

These gutter styles fall in the category of premium products, so are expensive by nature. Also, as these are made up of premium materials, you will need a professional to install the gutter system on your home’s roof.

4. K-Style Gutters

K-style is another gutter style that is similar to the half-round style gutter. The only difference between the gutter systems is about shape. These gutters are constructed in the form of a K to collect more water than the half-round shaped gutters. Apart from the advantage that the K-style gutter has over the half-round gutters, it has some disadvantages compared to the traditional half-round gutters.

The K-shaped gutters often catch up more debris along with water that leads to clogging of the drain. Also, the upper part of the gutter catches up with mold, leading to damage to the fascia and wall. So, if you are getting a K-style gutter system, you must pay special attention to the cleaning of the gutter. One of the best things that you can do is to install a gutter cover over the system to avoid the entrance of debris in the gutter. This gutter in house is a great solution for a location with heavy rainfall or snow.

5. Custom Fascia Gutters

If you have a home with a contemporary appearance, you must get a gutter system that compliments the appearance. In such a case, a custom fascia gutter system is one of the best options to go with. These gutters will have a height almost similar to the K-style gutters. However, they are much narrower to fit best in the fascia.

As these are custom-made gutters, you must contact a professional who will do the needful for you. The professionals will cut out the gutter from an aluminum roll and will create the gutter accordingly to install. It is because of its installation and other factors that it is much more expensive than many other gutter options available.

When you are installing a custom fascia gutter, you must be very careful about its maintenance. Cleaning these gutter systems can be extremely difficult. At times, you may even have to call up the experts to clean up the mess in the gutter.

6. Box-Style Gutters

These gutter systems are usually large in size and heavy-duty in nature. These are extremely durable and especially made for commercial and industrial buildings. However, these days many residential complexes are also using these gutters for their durable nature and high water storage. The gutters hold a good amount of water because of their huge size. These gutters are bulky that they can easily hold water after a heavy thunderstorm or even snowfall.

If you are planning to get a box-styled gutter, you must contact professionals to do so. These gutters are installed under the shingles of your roof due to their bulky pattern. The professionals will install it under the gutter drip edge in such a way that it collects all the water with ease. Moreover, if you have a huge house and want to protect your property from heavy rainfall, this gutter style can be your favorite option. You do not have to worry about the looks as they go pretty well with every modern architecture.

7. Vinyl Gutters

When you are looking forward to installing the gutter system all by yourself, this particular style is the best option. Also, many homeowners today prefer this gutter system because it is inexpensive compared to other styles. Usually, you will find these vinyl gutters in white color. However, now you can even find them in diverse color options such as green, brown, and many others. So, go for a vinyl option when you are looking for impressive types of gutters.

These gutters are known for their durability, inexpensiveness, and style. You can expect these gutters to last for about 10 years to 20 years depending upon the usage. The expense of the gutters depends upon the installation method. This means you can save the cost if you are installing it on your own. However, no doubt you will have to pay more if you are getting professional help for the same.

One of the major advantages of a vinyl gutter system is its maintenance. When you get a dent on a vinyl gutter, you do not have to worry much because it can pop up on its own. On the other hand, it also has certain disadvantages such as its heavy texture. The vinyl structure is heavier than the aluminum gutter. So, when the vinyl gutter has gathered enough water, it can cause pressure on the roof’s fascia.

8. Aluminum Gutters

Aluminum gutters are similar to aluminum gutters systems in several ways. First of all, it is highly durable and you can expect it to stay with you for about 20 to 30 years. Another reason why people prefer this material is its availability. It is highly available so you do not have to wait to start your work on the gutter system. Similar to the vinyl gutters, you can now get aluminum gutters in a diverse number of color options. Usually, aluminum is available in a single color, you can get a paint of your choice to provide it with a colorful style.

When you are installing the aluminum gutter all by yourself, you can get the sheet at a low price of $2 per foot. However, the price can increase when you are getting professional help. Of course, getting professional help will have its benefits such as better installation results, saving time and effort, and so on.

One point in which aluminum gutter differs from vinyl gutter is its maintenance. While vented vinyl gutters can pop up on their own, the aluminum gutter will require manual interference for repair. Even after repair, the aluminum surface may not look like the original. As a result, in case of massive damage, you have to replace the whole gutter in place of repairing it.

9. Galvanized Steel Gutters

Another material that is durable similar to vinyl and aluminum is steel. So, today many homeowners also prefer to get a galvanized steel gutter system because it can last over 20 to 30 years. Of course, the durability also depends upon how you are maintaining the gutter system. One of the major advantages of galvanized steel gutter is that it is rust-resistant. Also, it stays strong against various weather conditions such as rainfall, storms, and others.

To install galvanized steel gutters, you must call the professionals because these gutter systems require soldering work. This often increases the pricing of galvanized steel gutter systems compared to aluminum or vinyl gutters.

Also, the galvanized steel material is much better at dealing with dents. Similar to aluminum, galvanized steel also requires manual repair in case of dents. Moreover, vinyl gutters are considered again better than galvanized steel in terms of repair and expense.

10. Copper or Zinc Gutters

When you are looking for a pure metal gutter system without any powdering, you can go for copper or zinc gutters. These natural metals are great to look at and also has natural properties to become a great choice for your gutter system.

Zinc is one of the best materials to create highly durable gutters. If you are seeking professional help, you can expect a zinc gutter to last more than 80 years. These gutters are rust-resistant and have a quality to safeguard them against scratches and similar damages. However, you must talk to the professional once before you decide to go with the zinc gutter system. It is salt can often damage zinc. So, if the surrounding air is rich in salt, you must not consider getting a zinc gutter. These gutters are also not preferable for homes that have roofs with cedar shingles.

Lastly, copper is another premium metal that is highly used for gutter systems. As it is used to create pipelines, it is also preferred as the best option for gutter systems. It is resistant to rust and several weather conditions. However, one drawback that you have to consider is that you cannot install a copper gutter on your own. You will have to get help from a professional to install the copper gutter. If you have the gutter system installed professionally and maintain it properly, you can expect the gutter system to last for over 100 years. The only issue with copper gutters is that they are highly expensive.

So, there are so many gutter options that you can choose from for your house. You should know how to pick the right one based on various factors. For example, if you want to install a rain gutter hanger in Vancouver on your own, you can choose the seamed gutter system. Similarly, if you are looking for a highly durable gutter system, you should go for metal options such as galvanized steel, copper, or zinc.

If you are conscious about the appearance of your house exterior and wish to get a pop of colors, you can choose between vinyl and aluminum. Again, if you stay at a location with heavy rainfall, you must consider the K-style gutter or even the box-style gutter to hold more water. Similarly, gutter hangers fascia on house is a great option for a customized gutter system.

So, you can pick up the right gutter system based on several factors to suit your requirements. If you are confused about which option will be best suited for your house, you can always get in touch with a professional for a suggestion.